An effective treatment to mask hair loss, thanks to a realistic and natural effect.


Hair dermopigmentation, also known as tricopigmentation or micro-pigmentation, is a micro-tattooing technique of the scalp that aims to mask baldness or a permanent scar. Painless and without side effects,
tricopigmentation reproduces the appearance of the hair, creating a natural hair density effect.


We want to provide each client with expert advice to determine the most appropriate solution.

- Sabia R.

Conceal baldness


Tricopigmentation allows the simulation of missing density. This applies regardless of the amount of hair the recipient has lost, and can even recreate a full head of hair on a completely bald scalp. (a very fashionable shaved head look).


Restructuring of the skin


Recession of the frontal hairline is often the most visible sign of baldness. This technique allows the client to reconstruct their hair to its original position, or to any position.



Certified safe


Hypoallergenic and bioresorbable pigments are injected into the superficial dermis, using a handpiece and a specific generator (electrical device) equipped with a sterilized needle. The micropigments selected are specific to the technique and certified as being safe for health, just like those used for permanent makeup.


Hygiene and cleanliness


The tricopigmentation session takes place in accordance with current European health standards. Operating fields, masks, needles and equipment are sterilized and reserved for single use.



Camouflage scars


Camouflage an unsightly scar on the scalp, such as a scar from a strip removal at the back of the head, a burn scar, an operation or an accident.


Usually the result of hair transplant surgery, all kinds of head scars can be hidden using tricopigmentation.


The technique used is highly specialized, however, when applied by an experienced technician, even the worst hair transplant scars can be concealed.



+ Creates an immediate
natural and discreet masking effect

+ Suitable for men
and women

+ Alternative or complementary to hair transplantation

+ Masks scars from FUE/FUT grafts

+ Works on all types of hair
hair types (long, short and short)

+ Indicated in cases of androgenetic, diffuse alopecia
traumatic and accidental alopecia


A method that allows to mask medical (patchy alopecia), mechanical (tricotillomania) or scarring (accidents, burns, surgical scars) alopecia. The result gives the impression of tiny dots positioned in a regular and precise way on the epidermis of the skull with a pigment adapted to the color of your natural hair.
The procedure can last from 1 to 3 hours per session, depending on the size of the area to be treated. It is preferable to plan for 3 sessions for an optimal result, and it will last from 2 to 5 years depending on the maintenance. An estimate will be established by the expert following the consultation.