This is an innovative technique that allows you to restore or beautify the imperfections of your face or body.


Permanent makeup is performed with sterile material, and consists of fixing mineral or organic pigments in the dermis. This method is not permanent, the result remains visible for an average of 18 months, depending on your skin type and the area.


A real time saver and a peace of mind on a daily basis!


“In order to offer you excellence, we are always at the forefront of the latest techniques. You benefit from high quality services”.

- Sabia R.

The consultation

The consultation is mandatory before each dermopigmentation service. It will allow the Expert to define all your expectations, to target the areas, to determine the line and to choose the color adapted to your pigmentation.

A test, a consent form and a health questionnaire can complete this consultation for a personalized follow-up, in compliance with current European standards.




An estimate will be given for the repair and hair dermopigmentation: €80


Hair brows: An exclusive technique that allows us to recreate hair in a precise manner on sparse or asymmetrical eyebrows, resulting in a beautiful, naturally redesigned line!
€ 380
Shady brows: Shading that fills in irregularities and imperfections in your brow line. A beautification that gives intensity and style to your eyes!
€ 350
End brows: A method that raises just the tip of the eyebrow, for a perfect curve. A lifting effect that instantly enhances your look!
€ 300
Bioty’fly: Creation of a “beauty spot” to enhance your expression. The detail that makes all the difference!
€ 100


NEW: Microblading
A new method which allows to obtain eyebrows with a natural 3D effect unequalled thanks to the extreme fineness of the work. It is a very precise technique, which consists in pigmenting under the epidermis, using ultra fine needles, placed in a manual tool. The fine lines obtained imitate perfectly the hairs of a natural eyebrow.
3D EYEBROWS – A bluffing result of realism. € 300

Lash’eyes: Fine contouring of lower or upper lashes for a naturally intensified look. A true trompe l’oeil!
€ 250
Khôl eyes: An intense line to dress up your lower eyelids. Get a sustained look!
€ 250
Cats eyes: Eyeliner line, from the most natural to the most sophisticated, for a deep and mysterious look. An intense and glamorous effect!
€ 250


Line lips: Enhancement of the lip contour, colored or tone on tone. A discreet and natural look !
€ 400
Glam lips: Redesigns the lip contour, with a natural gradient and a touch of light in the hollow of the mouth. An impressive natural 3D effect!
€ 450
Full lips: Complete redefinition of your lips, for a luscious and greedy mouth. A long-lasting lipstick guaranteed!
€ 480


If dermography is an art, it can be very useful for :


• Reconstructing a breast areola (following a cancer…)
• Masking a scar (facelift, accidents…)
• Correcting a beard or a moustache (scars or hair loss)

It is a solution that will help you regain your aesthetic identity and allow you to feel better about yourself. These specific services are subject to an estimate, after a preliminary consultation with the Expert. You will be asked for an opinion from your doctor, stating that this procedure is not contraindicated.