The plasma lift is a treatment adapted to skin marked by time. Indeed, this technique can erase fine lines but also treat sagging skin on the eyelids, neck or ears. This treatment also treats pigmentation spots and certain skin problems. A technique adapted to all skin types.

Plasma Lift technology consists of creating an electric arc (in plasma) to create a small number of hot spots on the skin. It is based on the “plasma ablation” technology, which consists of ionized particles and electrons, and targets only one point of the target area without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The results are visible immediately after the treatment and the best one month later.

They last for one year of wrinkles, two years of eyelids and other skin care.

Medical plastic surgery of the eyelids can tighten the skin and restore youthful, beautiful skin. Without surgery, excess skin will be removed, spots and skin imperfections will be eliminated.